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The Lottery Game

The Lottery Game

February 27, 2024

I like to play a fun game, what would I do with the money if I won the lottery? I never buy a ticket, but I enjoy the game.

In November of 2022 when the lottery was over $2 billion dollars my husband and I played as we normally do. We had fun discussing the normal stuff like we would buy homes in Italy, London, Sea Isle City New Jersey, and in the mountains here in Colorado. We would travel and then travel some more. I really want to eat my way through Japan. Redo our current home top to bottom. Fund the kid’s college and possibly set up trusts. Invest money. A lot of normal stuff.

We went deeper.

He would do his job just simply because he liked it. He would pursue different opportunities less on the safety of the paycheck. He would be free to explore his passions without being held back by family responsibility.

I would stop being a financial advisor, but that is because I would transfer most of the winnings to start a mental health foundation working towards true help and change. I would run that. My world has been profoundly impacted by mental health and the toll it takes, more than just my father’s death by suicide.

I said, lastly, I would try for another child. Our third.

I am very open about my journey to motherhood via IVF. I have done one egg pull, 4 embryo transfers, had two miscarriages and have two perfect daughters.

I came from a bigger family. My end of life sitting on the rocking chair on the porch vision was that I was surrounded by a big family. IVF seemed to derail that and our chances. So, in playing the lottery game we did not care about the cost to continue to grow our family; IVF is expensive. Paying for childcare would not be an issue because we could afford the normally unaffordable. Upgrading vehicles to accommodate all the children would not be an issue. Lastly, re-purchasing all the baby items because I had thought we were done.

When I said this, I would have another baby, my husband looked at me and said why don’t we just do it anyway? I love our girls, but I understand wanting another.

So, we looked into it. To start the process all over again. Turns out we can’t. Zero chance. We waited too long.  Devastating is the word I would use.

The lottery game was more than a fun game for us. It truly taught me something in that moment and the moments after. Do not wait for the right time to go after what you truly value because it may pass you by. What you value and in this case for us being family, can only be achieved in certain periods of your life.

I took another lesson from this all as well. Sometimes the universe tells you that you are enough, and you have enough. You do not always need to want more or need more. Slow down and enjoy.

I always would have wondered and longed for a bigger family had we not listened to our hearts during the lottery game. I never would have been given the gift of knowing that where I am now and the family that I have built is perfectly meant for me. It allowed me to close a chapter that I did not know needed closing.

I am grateful for all the lessons learned.

My question to you is what would do if you won the lottery?